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Cultural differences: Portugal and Monaco


Darbas anglų kalba. Kultūriniai skirtumai tarp Portugalijos ir Monako. Hofstede’s cultural dimensions. Individualism versus collectivism. Masculinity versus femininity. Introduction. Portugal. Characteristics of the cultures. Work ethics. Humor. Social. Core values. Language and communication difficulties. Degree of loyalty to company versus family. Conclusion.


Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions

Individualism versus collectivism

Based on our knowledge and research we came up with conclusions that Portugal is more individualistic culture and Monaco is more Collectivism.
Portuguese people more stand up for them selves, express their opinions free, they choose their own affiliations, though they still have traditions such as taking care of family’s members. Monegasques are people that are members of a life-long group, they better leave their opinions about other for themselves etc., they take into consideration about family, its safety very importantly.
Masculinity versus femininity

Portuguese have more masculine culture. They have strong ambitions, assertiveness; they participate in having more self-centeredness power, etc. Monegasques have more feminine culture. For example: as we will mention later on in our report, the royal family of the Monaco was motivating its habitants to participate in lots of ways of cultural activities such as music and arts.


We are the directors of the company "Fit for Life". Our task is to select a group of employees to help the company to expand by setting up a new office in Portugal. Yet also we decided to expatriate Monaco and to see how Monegasques and Portuguese will make a profit for our company and how they will work not only as colleagues but also as team members. By having those two significantly different nations we will occur problems, therefore following will be explanations of why we have chosen Portugal as a new office, and also we described the main differences between these two groups, what kind of difficulties we will have between them, both social and cultural and how we are going to solve them.


The tourism industry in Portugal is fast growing, and it started to become one of the most favorite tourism destinations. Also it has diversity of services and products. Therefore for those reasons we decided to locate our new office in Portugal. However for Monegasque to live in Portugal will be environmental and cultural chock. First of all the level of living is different and second, different culture of people. Yet Monegasques are tolerant and modern people, still the difference will leave traces. The Portuguese people are very open and social, they talk about everything between themselves and that might stun the Monegasque in a few ways. The Monegasque are more closed they don’t like to talk about themselves or their lives to people that they don’t know or they just met. Ways that we could work on these problems within our company is organize events especially for our staff, so that our Portuguese and Monegasque staff can intermingle and get to know each other, maybe eventually become friends. Moreover having Monegasques and Portuguese together in our company can bring lots of profits. Both of the cultures live in highly visited countries by tourists. Therefore they might have some knowledge and experience in this industry. Having employees those kinds of employees can provide better service to our company, which leads to loyalty customers and bigger amount of revenues. ...

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