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Etiquette in administrators work


Darbas anglų kalba. Introduction. The first impression. Welcome. Business card exchange. Chat protocol. Negotiating chat. Conclusions.


Is not so easy to shake hands properly, or make the upcoming interview. To the man not feel inconvenience is important to clarify the errors and made them to effectively address.
Business ethics deals with the ethical principles to business situations. It - one of the youngest, fastest-growing branch of science. Western countries, the discipline is taught not only in business schools, but in some universities. Raises many questions, but answers are not so easy to find.
Etiquette framework for the history of mankind, as a cultural element. Difficult situations can help avoid the long period of time created a certain meetings of the Protocol. Today, many people interacting in different regions. Therefore, the label changes the subject to remain relevant.
European, American and Asian traditions, customs act differently Meeting Protocol, Protocol is a significant difference. Probably everyone we have heard or seen, that the Japanese greet nusilenkdami. Their inclination is threefold, depending on the interlocutor's rank, status. However, the Europeans of this tradition is completely alien. Here the usual welcoming nod his head, cap.
Entrepreneurs around the world should have a general and specific cooperation in the business ethics awareness and commitment, which must be strictly complied with, the more that helps to preserve the culture of corporate loyalty. Etiquette rules easier for any organization, regardless of its size and nature of the activities, whether it is a household or small office.

The aim of the work
Set made mistakes in formal interviews.

Objectives of the work
1. Examine the types of chat.
2. Each formal interview stage to describe in detail. ...

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